Devlog 7

Defense of Humanity

The player model has been slightly reworked and is now available in multiple colors.

Currently all player animations are being reworked and it might highly impact the game feel in a good way, as well as being more true to visual objectives.

A lot of work have been done on optimization and tweeking the game.

The main objective after reworking animations will be finishing music production, that has already started 2 months ago and is taking a while, but it’s starting to sound somewhat decent and fits the game.

Side projects

Due to a burnout I really needed to slow down and work on side projects to get out of depression. My motivation was at its lowest and I can’t find any by just taking days off doing nothing, however, I realized that working on my side projects has always led to a huge motivation boost. So here’s some of what I’ve done the last 2 months on side projects.

It is a low-poly style action-RPG game with puzzle mecanics set in the medieval era in which you’ll incarnate a wandering knight, hired by local lords to eradicate evil. You’ll be able to combine a large set of weapons and magic runes in a complex real time combat system (dodging, combos, charged attacks,…) to get rid of hords of diversified enemies.

It is a simplistic slab based puzzle game featuring 50 levels and it will soon be published on Android, a PC version will come later this year (and maybe console ?).

All the graphics rely on lighting, the player being the most powerful light source in the game and all levels being played in the dark. You’ll be challenged to understand how each level is setup and find your way to the exit without being blocked or eliminated by death slabs, not to mention that you’ll have to collect prisms to unlock new levels.

The last tasks on the board for this game are the rework of the main menu and music production.