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  • SMYS : Show Me Your Stairs

    SMYS now has a Steam page, it’s been up for a few months now and I’ve been able to col[…]

  • Libe
    The game has reached its final state, and the name, formerly AHEAD, is now Libe.[…]
  • Voxel – Sushi Bar

    Voxel Sushi Bar released on July 9th 2022, a restaurant interior pack themed after chine[…]

  • Voxel – Nature

    Voxel Nature received a winter themed update, basically doubling the number of prefa[…]

  • Voxel – Camping

    Voxel Camping released on October 18th 2022, it is a small asset pack meant to be used […]

  • Defense of Humanity

    This project has been under development for around 5 years now, it’s been put on hold m[…]