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  • Website
    It took a while, but I finally finished the revamp! As the website is not hosted on wordpr[…]
    The game will be officially released on Steam August 8th 2020. Watch the new trailer : […]
  • Manga Quiz
    This game is the first I’ve ever published and it has been around for a while now on the  […]
  • Voxel Planets
    The final asset, the Moon, is finished, and I also reworked Mars, Uranus, and Saturn mo[…]
  • Defense Of Humanity
    The graphic redesign of DoH has been paused due to the numerous recent releases, it w[…]
  • CastleQuest
    Taking a step back from this project, I think the game graphics might be too generic, or c[…]
  • Experiments
    I’ve been working on grid systems for quite a long time now, starting with square grids, t[…]

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