Devlog 3

New split screen camera

There is 3 split-screen modes players can choose from : Vertical, Horizontal, and Dynamic.

  • Horizontal : The screen is split so there is one player on top of the screen and one on the bottom.
  • Vertical : The screen is split so there is one player on the left of the screen and one on the right.
  • Dynamic : According to players position in the level, the camera is either split or not. If players get too far from each others the cameras split and rotate accordingly to the position of players, if they get close to each others the cameras merge back to 1.

Script cleaning

The main scripts managing player controls and enemies health have been completely remade from scratch to allow more complex behaviors, especially player’s weapons behaviors and enemies ondeath behaviors.

Super enemies behaviors

Empowered versions of enemies that have been modeled recently have been implemented into the game.

New enemies death animations

Almost every enemy now have a death animation and is not just disapearing into an explosion.

New icons

Item icons and structure icons have been made.