Devlog 16

Three projects released

This project is finally coming to an end, after an initial release on Android, then Steam, and recently, I gathered players feedback for a post-release update bringing new features people asked for.

I’m still looking to port the game to Linux, and a Switch release is a possibility but no precise date for now.

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Being familiar with quiz games, I decided to make another one, this time on movies.

 Since its release in July, more than 1500 people already downloaded Movie Quiz and this number keeps growing. More movies are added to the app every month with a priority to what the users ask for. This month, the app will surpass 100 quizzes, for a total of over 1000 questions on movies of all types from action blockbusters to japanese animation.

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VoxelPlanets is available on the Unity AssetStore and is the first of hopefully many assets I’ll be publishing. The theme for the next one still remains a mystery but you can take a look once from time to time at the Assets page to see if the In Development caption has been updated.

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After publishing 3 projects, SMYS was supposed to be my new main focus until its release, but as it is a collab project and not everybody working on this is a fulltime developer, I ended up having most of my tasks completed and being too far ahead because of how much time I was able to work on the project compared to others. Therefore, I decided to set this game as a side project.

Here are some screenshots of the current state of the game :

I finally finished the map design of the entire game, and everything have been digitalized and ported to Unity. Next is gray-boxing the everything to have a proper idea of how the game scales, and especially to be able to start programming map interaction systems, AI, and Character Controllers.


I was previously experimenting with sim-building and map generation in 2D, but this little project continued escalating and I decided to go from 2D pixelart to 3D voxel as i’m most familiar with voxels and I believe this game will benefit from this change. The building and map generation being pretty much done, it’s now time to turn this into an RTS and add units we can interact with, so lately I’ve been experimenting with crowd simulation. It’s still not perfect, but I believe it reached a point I’m somewhat satisfied. I can’t wait to put everything together.

Robot model used for prototyping from Quaternius.

StarvingFox Studio Website

A quick update on some changes I’ve been doing recently on the website : Games and Assets are no longer displayed on the homepage and have their dedicated pages you can access using the navigation menu at the top right of the website. There might not be much content on the assets page for the moment, but more assets are in development and will be added to the page as soon as they are available.