Devlog 14

The code refactor is coming to an end, and what I can say is that, beside being way more optimized, the game has changed A LOT.

To list a few changes :

  • The inventory has been expanded to 5 slots (instead of 2)
  • No more health doors, every health related item will now be stored in the inventory and usable at any moment.
  • New item (coop only) : Life Syringe, used to revive your friend during a wave.
  • No more random guns, albeit you can still buy a random gun for a mid-range price, every gun will be available in the Item store. These will still spawn on gun doors all around the map, each door having 3 slots and every gun bought once can be picked by both players in coop.
  • All health doors replaced by gun doors.
  • Both the Upgrade Store and the Item Store are now already built on every level when starting the game.
  • Some upgrades have been removed from the game as they were never used.
  • No more stamina
  • Separate banks in coop

I’ve been really inspired to rework the current models of the game and I can’t wait to start building the new face of the game once I’m done with the code refactor.

The asset is finally close to being ready for a release, will be available : Earth (and the Moon), Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

I wish to publish it on the Unity Asset Store in the first place, then As I have very little experience with Unreal, nothing is planned yet for the Unreal Marketplace, but it is not to exclude in the future.

3 assets will be available : Voxel Planets, Pixel Planets, and a discounted pack with both Voxel Planets and Pixel Planets.

The last « planet » I’m currently working on for this asset is the Moon.

Depending of how it goes with the publishing process on the Unity Asset Store, it should be available April or May 2020.

With Defense of Humanity’s code refactor and the release of Voxel Planets approaching, the prioty has shifted off CastleQuest and will remain as it is until Defense of Humanity’s graphics rework is done.

If everything goes according to plan, I should get back on working on CastleQuest once Voxel Planets is published, around April/May.

The game is most likely ready for a PC release at this point, just need to take time to add some more soundtracks, rework the menus and port it.

The PC release is planned for the second half of 2020, not yet decided on which store.