Devlog 1

It’s been a long way since the start of the development of Defense Of Humanity, and now start the devlogs.

So twice or more a month will be published a recap of the progress I’ve made on the game or any project I’m working on, this will allow me to share uncompressed screenshots, gifs, and more.

What is Defense of Humanity ?

It is a Tower Defense high scale voxel action game currently in development using the Unity game engine and it is the current main project I’m working on as a solo indiegame developer. The final game is planned to have around 20 playable levels part of 5 separated missions (4 levels = 1 mission). Each mission is linked to the other and even if the game is not story based, I really wanted to have a backstory that would give a guideline to what the player is doing in the game.

Release date and pricing

It is planned to release in early access with the first mission (4 levels + tutorial) first semester of 2019 on Steam and with other missions coming through the year and the game hopefully reaching its final form at the end of 2019. I think it’s better for the game to be release in early access so anyone can buy the game cheaper (planned to be priced 10$ on release then pricing up on each new mission added to reach 15$ as a final price) and have an impact on the development by giving feedbacks that can lead to an improvement of the final game.

Game budget

Budget speaking, the development is relying on personnal savings that have almost been entirely spent but development wise I think everything that was needed has been bought (that’s what I was thinking when I recently had to aquire an asset so the local coop feature of the game could work properly) but there is still things to be paying for like Steam publishing fees, any asset that can improve the final game, or taxes and such, even though i’m doing most of what’s needed (modeling, programming, music, gamedesign,…).

We’re far from the end of this project, but I hope that players will soon be able to get their hands on the game and participate to this journey with me.