Join the vip club and support the app !

According to a poll we ran across the community, we noticed that many of you wanted to help us, so we decided to set up a funding system giving you access to EXCLUSIVE additional content.

How does it work ?

We chose Patreon as the platform because it is one of the most known and because it offers a system allowing anyone willing to participate, regarless of how much they want to, to do so and to allow us keeping the app updated every month with new content.

You now have the opportunity to subscribe to our Patreon page and access various benefits, such as a private vote that greatly influences what manga is added each month, or even an access to exclusive quizzes with questions that are not in the app. 

Since its publication, the app has grown from 4 availables mangas to more than 20 to this today. We wish to be able to continue adding a new manga every month, and even maybe, if your support allows us to, to start adding multiple mangas per month and update existing quizzes.